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Invite Users to Join Your Group
Invite Users to Join Your Group

A guide on how to invite users to join your group, both for first time Tether users, and existing Tether users.

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After you've created a new group, you'll want to invite people to join your group.

Inviting people to join your group is handled on the Profile page of Tether. From there...

  1. Click on the group you want to invite someone to join

  2. Navigate over to the Members tab within the group

  3. Click the large "Add New Member" button

  4. Either a) copy the group code in order to paste into a text / email, or b) select "Share Invite Code" to be given a number of integrated share options (to text message, email, or other messaging platforms).

  5. You can join a group by pasting the group code into a number of places (see guide here)

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