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Step Types (Screens) for Plans & Practices
Step Types (Screens) for Plans & Practices

Understand the various "screens" available within the Plan and Practice frameworks (i.e. Video, Audio, Text, Short-Answer, etc.)

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This guide will walk you through how to use the various "step" types within Tether. These are basically the individual "screens" which make up Practices and Pathway Sections (Weeks, Days, etc.).

We currently offer 13 screen frameworks:

  1. Html: Rich-text, which allows for longer forms of written copy (i.e. long passages of scripture, long prose, etc.)

  2. Text: A text-based 'call-out' which boldly centers short passages of text

  3. Scripture: Like text, but supporting references

  4. Quote: Like text and scripture, but supporting references to sources and authors

  5. List: For short, bold list (i.e. "Three main things", "four major takeaways")

  6. Audio: For hosting scripture readings, podcasts, sermons, etc.

  7. Video: For hosting any MP4 video (optimized for portrait-mode recordings)

  8. Text-response: For short-answer questions

  9. Multiple-choice: For multiple choice answer questions

  10. Link: For linking to other webpages (i.e.

  11. File: For uploading files that can then be downloaded by users (i.e. PDF documents)

  12. Practice: For linking a Practice within a Pathway series

  13. Timer: Provides a simple countdown timer for people to practice prayer, meditation, pausing, etc.

Below, we'll explore each of these types in detail...








Text Response

Multiple Choice




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