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User Roles & Permissions within Tether
User Roles & Permissions within Tether

This article reviews what different roles do within an organization and a group

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When you add a new user, you'll need to assign them a role, which determines their permissions on the platform.

You can also edit a user's role at any time by navigating to the Users page (under People) in the Admin Portal. Click View next to the users name you want to edit. Changed their permissions with the dropdown menu, and then click Save.

Here's a quick overview of the different roles and their associated permissions:

  • Organization Roles

    • Account Owners

      • Can access and manage all features and settings in the Admin Portal.

      • Admins can preview content that is draft state within their own application.

      • Admins can post within Channels.

    • Group Leaders

      • Can access Leader-only content (i.e. plan's that are made solely for leaders, or steps within plans that are marked "for leaders only"

      • Can access discussions within Channels, our tool for leader-level communication within Tether.

    • Users

      • Can join groups, view content made available for everyone, and participate in discussions.

  • Group Roles

    • Group Admins

      • Can add or delete members from the group.

      • Can elect to start a plan for the entire group.

    • Group Members

      • Can view content and participate in discussions within a specific group.

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