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Understand how to create Plans, edit them, and release them to your people

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  • Common use cases include sermon series, group studies, class content, devotionals, training materials, and reading plans.

  • Users always have the option to share their responses and activity with specific groups they're a part of, or keep their responses private.

  • Group Admins can start a Plan for their group, so it shows up in everyone's daily goal.

Create a New Plan from Scratch

  1. On the left panel of your Admin Portal, click on Content and then Plans

  2. In the top right corner, click the New Plan button

  3. Set up your Plan according to your preferences (see below)

  4. Click the Save button at the bottom of the page

This will set up a new plan for you and drop you back on the Plans Overview Screen where you will see all existing plans within your organizations. From there, you can begin to add Sections and Steps to your new plan by clicking Edit next to the plan you would like to work on.

Setting Up a Plan: Key Settings

  1. Status: Draft or Published - Draft will keep your plan hidden from anyone other than Administrators while you develop your plan.

  2. User Role: All Users, Accounts Owners, or Group Leaders - Select who you want the plan visible to.

  3. Name: Choose something short (i.e. ideally no more than 40 characters)

  4. Subtitle: Choose something short (i.e. ideally no more than 80 characters)

  5. Overview: For sharing what your plan is about (ideally no more than a paragraph)

  6. Author: If you've set up Authors under the people section, you can attribute a plan to specific author (a leader in your organization, for instance).

  7. Image: For Plans, a hi-res square image is best.

  8. Featured: Check box - if you want this Plan to show up at the top of your Explore page, check this box.

  9. Category: Let people know what type of plan this is.

  10. Type: See Choosing Your Plan Type below

  11. Time: Select the time you want to notify each user that a new Section (day, week, chapter, etc.) is made available on a release day.

  12. Frequency: Plans are usually delivered according to a calendar (i.e. every day, weekday, week a new Section of content becomes available).

  13. Passcode: If you want this Plan to be password protected, enter a passcode here.

Choosing Your Plan Type

There are three types of Plans in Tether…

  1. Plans with Start Dates

  2. Plans without Start Dates

  3. Unlocked Plans

Plans with start dates work as follows:

  1. Each Plan Section (Day, Week, etc.) is released according to a set schedule for ALL USERS on the platform. These Plans work particularly well for content that is meant to be engaged with organization-wide.

  2. Plans with start dates do not need to be started by a leader or a user; they automatically appear in a users Library and on their Home screen.

Plans without Start Dates work as follows:

  1. Leaders or Users pick and choose from available plans and start them on the day and time of their choosing. These plans work well for content that you want to make always available, but still follow a set schedule (i.e. a week-by-week bible study).

  2. Leaders have the ability to start a plan on behalf of their whole group; individual users can start plans to interact with on their own.

  3. When a leader or user “Subscribes” to a plan, the plan will begin running from that day forward on the schedule you have created (i.e. daily, weekday, weekly, etc.)

Unlocked Plans work as follows:

  1. Leaders or users choose from available plans and start them on the date and time of their choosing.

  2. Instead of content being released day-by-day, or week-by-week, etc, all content is made fully available, and can be interacted with at a users own pace. Note that with this type of plan, content will not automatically show up on the home screen; instead users will need to navigate to their Profile page and select My Plans to revisit the content.

Creating & Editing Plan Sections

  1. After saving your initial Plan settings, you will see a new section appear beneath your settings with “Plan Sections”.

  2. Plan sections represent your release cycle. In other words, if you are building a Plan with a “Weekly” release cycle, then each Plan Section will represent 1-week's worth of content.

  3. You should start by creating the number of Plan Sections that you need for your content (i.e. if you're creating a 40 day plan, go ahead and create 40 sections).

  4. Each Plan Section can be given a Title, Subtitle, Overview, and Author.

Creating & Editing Plan Steps

  1. Plan Steps are the individual screens that comprise a Plan Section.

  2. Plan steps are created by entering into the individual Plan Sections (i.e. Week 1, etc.), and then selecting “New Step”.

  3. There are 13 types of Guide Step modules available (You can learn more about each of these here).

  4. Steps can be rearranged with the up and down arrows next to their titles.

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